Koski at Ne’Na

Work from the archive (2014) at Ne’-Na by Koski; composer Guy Dowsett, UK. Dancer-musician-martial arts practitioner Julian Wong, Australia and circus artist-dancer-actor Henna Kaikula, Finland. Camera Tan Chui Mui, Malaysia.


Art & Music event at Ne’-Na; annex site in Mae Rim (2014).

Participation artists and activities in Madoozi: Art & Music event:

  1. International Dance Collective: Koski; Henna Kaikula, Finland. Guy Dowset, Australia. Jullian Wong, Australia.
  2. Yuan Ingrid Zhuang, China based in New York; Performance/Installation.
  3. Tan Chui Mui, Malaysia; Filmmaker.
  4. Richard Lee, Australia; Painting.
  5. Amalia Gil-Merino, Spain based in Berlin; Painting – exhibition “Return to paradise”
  6. Stephanie Jedlitschka, Germany; Writer

Note from Amalia Gil-Merino:

This is the amazing opening in Chiang Mai (March 2014) that our good friends, colleagues and organisers prepared for my exhibition “Return to paradise” and all the multiple events…it was exactly on march now…just thinking about it…That’s why we love Thailand!!!
With Rich, Henna Kaikula (performance / Acrobatic) and her group: Julian Renlong Wong and Guy Dowsett. Yuan Ingrid Zhuang (Installation) Tan Chui Mui (Director Film) Stephanie Jedlitschka (writer) we missed you there..(happy birth today:)
That was possible thanks to Shukit Panmongkol and his great team at Ne’-Na.
All photos by courtesy : Shukit Panmongkol.

ศิลปินทั้ง 5 ได้พำนัก ทำงาน และนำเสนอผลงาน ทางศิลปะที่แตกต่างกันออกไป นอกจากผลงานศิลปะจากศิลปินในพำนักของ Ne’-Na Contemporary Art Space แล้วยังมีการแสดงดนตรีจาก ชนผชน(Folk music) /-Dj jeremy (Dj set) /-Toppyness Deyn( Dj set)/-space360 (IDM/Experimental) แล้วมาดูกันที่
Ne’-Na Contemporary Art Space
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EWANs – Barn Owl

EWANs live at the Lost Kingdom 2013, exhibition/installation by Miranda Whall at Ne’-Na Contemporary Art Space, annex site in Mae Rim.

EWANs - Barn Owl

Pleng Zhor เพลงซอ by Mae Bua Choan Thanomboon; National Artist 2012.

Private performance for the “The Quests; Lost Kingdom – the lost kingdom of Lanna 2013. A collection of images and sounds by Mirada Whall, Walse, UK. The project has been developed through collaboration with people from the local community: Mae Chantieng Kothkaew, Mae Buachorn Thanomboon; National Artist, category Performance art – Folk Song 2012, Aie Sri Muen, Rampard Kothkaew and Ajarn Sanan Thammathi. The Quests’ has been funded and made possible with an Arts Council Wales; Major Creative Wales Award.