Phaptawan Suwannakudt 2014

“Retold – untold Stories”

Phaptawan use Thai tradition practice in contemporary art context to investigate the themes of identities, misplacement and sense of belonging. This has been informed by the lived experience. Her most recent work cross-culturally explores an area based on references from Thai literature and Buddhist themes from experience of a migrant in Australia.

The project Retold-untold stories, aims to investigate the use of forms and materials in Thai traditional culture in the context of Australian Contemporary art with the theme of natural disaster from women’s points of view. The Asialink Residency Program with host, Ne’-Na Arts Space allow me to engage with local communities, to work in collaboration with local artisans and to be able to include local materials in the process and production of art. These are local products such as paper, silk, cotton, and found objects such as plants and fiber and products of innovation in the crafts. She used studios as well as access facilities and technical support to explore local historical materials. The work reflects stories that’s talked to locals, which handle the theme of natural disaster in Thailand during the last lunar cycle (2001-2012) including earthquake, flood, and mudslide. The focus area involves environmental impacts such as the change of landscape and migration of people and how it affected families and children. The narrative of local aural concerns the issues in the Northern part of Thailand from where her maternal ancestor lived.