Rosetta Stone 2017

Ne’-Na Contemporary Art Space requests the pleasure of your company at the opening reception of art

exhibition “The Rosetta Stone” By our current residency artists from Holland: Laus Heezemans,

Fransien Bal and Leonard van de Ven ( Art foundation Stroom’s grant recipient – The Hague SPOT

Exhibition grant)



At Ne’-Na Contemporary Art Space, Annex site in Mae Rim.

25 February 2017, 3.00 pm – 7.00 pm




Laus Heezemans

Various Sculptures


Fransien Bal

Found Languages in Mixed Media


Leonard van de Ven

Disordered Impressions in Watercolor



Laus Heezemans


The style of the work of Laus Heezemans is abstract minimalism. Laus expresses universal themes in

stone sculptures. For ’The Rosetta Stone’ he has created works based on the concepts: the ego, silence,

playground and seggregation. After this exhibition, his works will be shown at the main artfair of The

Netherlands, in two Dutch museums and other art spaces.

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Fransien Bal


For numerous years Fransien Bal has been collecting ‘Forgotten Materials’ she finds in the street, at the

beach and in the forest. Out of this collection ‘MusiVisualLanguage’ evolved, a cross-over between

matter, music and motion, developed in co-operation with artists from different disciplines and

resulting in assemblages, music, photography, drawings, film and other works of art. During her recent

journey in Asia Fransien Bal has collected the sounds of different languages. Fransien used her

residency at Ne’Na Contemporary Art Space to transform these sounds into ‘Found Languages’ to

represent the rise and fall of languages.

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Leonard van de Ven


After his graduation in visual arts at the Royal Academy of Art of The Hague in 2011, Leonard van de

Ven has exhibited amongst others in museums, galleries and art fairs and has also worked as a curator.

Leonard aims at working together with other artists, both as a curator and as an artist, nationally as well

as internationally. Next to installations, the works of Leonard van de Ven consist of paintings and

drawings. Leonard mixes different kinds of paint with other materials and uses canvas, paper and

wooden panels. At Ne’Na Contemporary Art Space Leonard van de Ven will show newly made works

in watercolor on paper, based on his first journey and residency in Asia.

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