Kim Junsung-Made in Thailand 2013

Kim Junsung, Korea based in New York.

My intention building up the fictional stories based on the folk tales(fairy tales) would blur the judgement easily made by people whether something is real, authentic or fake, modified.

Fairy tale could be considered as the fake but it is profoundly intertwined with the real and with the society that we are in now.

Telling the story about the performers’ real lives would also give the multi layers and create the harmonized stratum interwoven with the real, the fake and the transcendence, immanence.


  1. everyday life

I follow the performer and appreciate their life and in this context, I try to ask about their thoughts about the concept or the word which composes the process of the thoughts and behaviors.

Questions would be what is art? why do you do art? why painting? what is subject(individual)?? etc.

we might improve and improvise thru having conversations.


  1. fiction

Fiction would have a no solid and straight linear line. I would take the segments from the fairy tale which is metamorphosing within my and performers’ thoughts.


A girl went to the little stream. And she found the pretty hat. A guy suddenly came to her and said ‘that is mine’. She returned it back to him and he gave her a mango seed. She planted it and it grew up. One day she picked few mangos from this tree and gave¬† these to monk. But it turned into mud and stones.


A boy went to the market and bought one fish. On the way home, someone talked to him. He seemed it was weird so that he cook the fish and rather he kept this in the pot. After this, whenever he got back from the work, fine dishes were prepared. He pretended going out and stayed in his place and observed what happened. From the pot, one lady came out and cooked the dishes.


A girl tied to find a bathroom but since she was in the forest, she couldn’t but take a pee under the tree. She was pregnant without having a intercourse with her husband. After a while, she gave birth to an egg so that her husband forced her to throw away.

She threw it on the river.