Open House with Exhibition by Miranda Whall, Wales UK and Mark Swartz, Australia

Ne’-Na Contemporary Art Space is pleased to welcome you to our Open studios at the annexe site, our new residence venue in the hillside area of Mae Rim. We are proud to present works by our AIRs (artist in residence): Miranda Whall, Wales UK. And Mark Swartz, Sydney Australia in their studios. “The Quests; Lost Kingdom” sound and video installation by Miranda Whall and “Sails for wings” bamboo sculpture by Mark Swartz, Sydney Australia. Live performances as well as food and drink provided.

Lost Kingdom, is a collection of images and sounds that Mirada has gathered over 3 weeks, while artist in residence. Miranda invites you to be immersed by sounds and moving images that present her interpretation of ‘the lost kingdom of Lanna’. The project has been developed through collaboration with people from the local community: Aie Boon, Mae Chantieng Kothkaew, Mae Buachorn Thanomboon, Rampard Kothkaew, the Siam Insect Zoo and Museum and Ajarn Sanan Thammathi. The Quests’ has been funded and made possible with an Arts Council Wales; Major Creative Wales Award.

Sails for wings” (2013) This series of work utilizes locally harvested bamboo to create a mechanical interpretation of flight. This is achieved by connecting forms from all creatures of flight, (insects, bats and birds) with manmade sails seen on ships and our earliest attempts to create flying machines. The result is the oversized armature or skeleton of imaginative and mysterious creatures.

Mark Swartz has been producing and exhibiting his sculptures across Australia since 2007. One unifying conceptual feature of his work is the exploration of inherent links between organic forms and industrial products.